65m x 25m riding area with a quality riding surface. Our arena is maintained daily to a very high standard and also provides excellent natural lighting. The indoor riding school has a 65m x 5m lean-to attached which consists of:
  • Viewing gallery & seating
  • Toilets
  • Classroom
  • Coffee area with TV and wifi facilities
  • Windows to provide viewing of outdoor mènage
  • Judges box
  • Our school also has a full PA system & scoreboard
We also have a full set of FEI standard showjumps and dressage equipment. Our indoor and outdoor facilities are available to hire for competitions or clinics. We do not hire the arena on an individual basis as we keep the facilities free for livery use.


  • The outdoor ménage measures 65 x 25 m
  • Please note that no matter what the weather, our outdoor school rarely floods due to the excellent drainage
  • Quality surface consisting of high quality silica sand, fibre & rubber chippings.
  • Both indoor & outdoor surfaces are of the same construction
  •  Lighting
  • Viewing from inside or outside
  • Picnic area
  • Judges box
  • Holding area


  • The grass paddock is 70m x 80m.
  • This is used for competitions to compliment our existing indoor and outdoor riding surfaces for XC jumping.
  • We also have a full range of portable XC fences.


  • Work has started on clearing woodland for our new XC course.
  • There will be a full range fences including a water complex situated in woodland and grass field.
  • We plan to hold unaffiliated ODE's.
  • Liveries will also be able to take full advantage of this off road ride.


  • Luxury purpose built indoor Pegasus stables with sliding doors
  • Automatic water supply
  • Attached feed Bins
  • Saddle poles
  • Well ventilated
  • Secure
  • Excellent lighting
  • Storage area
We also have a purpose built isolation block. All new arrives will be isolated for 14 days upon arrival as per our bio security policy. Once wormed or worm counted, new arrivals with have turnout in the grass paddock during this isolation period.


  • Additional luxury outdoor stables situated in a secluded area of the yard and enjoys direct access to both riding arena and the grass arena.
  • Exclusive to DIY liveries
  • A rug/feed room
  • Hay & straw barn
  • Muck Heap
  • Automatic water supply


  • Acres of quality grazing
  • Secure fields
  • Maintained fencing consisting of post and wire or stone walls
  • Mares and gelding grazed separately
  • Main gateways have hard standing
We will cater for each horses/ponies individual grazing requirements